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The Virginia Fants ~ Some thoughts

This family genealogically is very important to my research. My cousin Francis Faunt  jump started us in this quest when he matched a Virginia Fant quite closely in his Y ( male ) DNA almost 8 years ago. Francis is equally close to this person and David Font whose ancestor is found in Liverpool in 1800. The Virginia Fant testees seem to be not as close to each other and I am trying to figure out the reason.
My firm belief, having had my US researcher Vernon Skinner, author and genealogist of Maryland, pull the scarce records available, is that at least two Fant males are in Virginia prior to 1700. Many if not most have trees that are improbable at the very least and have no proofs.
Important starting point is that there have to be 2 William Fants  and two George Fants in this family. Anyone who does not have this in their tree has a problem. William Vaint marries Catherine/Katherine Raddish/Reddish on the 27th of August 1723. They have  Sarah Vaint July 23, 1725.  William Fant and ANOTHER Catherine, presumably Stewart have son George June 5, 1745. The same couple have Nathaniel January- 15, 1749.
George Fant is the second of that name in the family. The first one arrives in 1671 and must be the father of William who marries Katherine Reddish. George is most likely deceased before 1723 when his son marries.It is extremely unlikely that William Vaint and Katherine marry is 1723 and have a child immediately and then have the remainder of their children 20-25 years later. There are two Williams.

George Fant son of William and Catherine Stewart is born in 1745 and Mar 9, 1814 still in Virginia. He never leaves the state. This is per the Daughters of the American Revolution who have disproved all previous claims. George Fant did not serve in the military but is eligible and proven as a patriot for having donated supplies per this document: Abercrombie & Slatten, VA Rev. Pub. Claims . Faunts of Virginia 

  Leah Fant, James Fant and Joel Fant are not discussed in the Alfred Fant book.Leah Fant lives to more than 75 years of age, found in the 1850 census. Joel receives property from the estate of James Fant before 1820 from Leah. He mortgages more in 1834.

James may be brother or son of Joseph Fant who is not documented as they all live in Falmouth. Many of the sons of William Fant and Catherine Stewart have merely been  assumed to be his sons from older research with no proofs. Joel Fant serves in the War of 1812. Both Leah and James have children. I have yet to find anyone who shows them in their trees..

Joel Fant  has two connections to Elias Fant via Thomas Jones and their serving in the War of 1812 together.This is from Virginia Deeds : “ THIS INDENTURE made this 15th day of February in the year Eighteen hundred & twenty six Between Joel Fant of the County of Stafford and State of Virginia of the one part and Thomas Jones of the same of the other part; Witnesseth that Zachariah Bradshaw stands equally bound with Joel Fant on an execution now in the hands of the Sheriff of Stafford County consideration of the sum of One dollar hath sold to the said Thomas Jones, his heirs and assigns forever, the land in the County of Stafford on which the said Joel Fant resides.

Elias Fant upon his death in 1834 has property transfer to this same Thomas Jones on May 12, 1834.This property had been held in common with widow Margaret, who elects to take 1/9 share and waives administration.
May Term 1843. James W. Fant, administrator, of the estate of Elias Fant, dec’d, filed a petition announcing that distribution of the estate cannot be made, and requesting an order to sell four negroes, viz: Daphne and her three children, Thomas, Maria, and Margaret in order to make the distribution. Defendants Benjamin S Fant, Elias T. Fant, Simon Fant, and Mary E.B. Moore, are not residents of the State of Mississippi.Witnesses and executors were Elias Fant, David and Elias Hansbrough Stafford County VA   
What do all these things mean? Let us work on it.


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