Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Henry V and the L'enfants in Normandy

Apparently the L'Enfant family were in the retinue of Henry V between 1417 and 1419 including his siege of Rouen.

On January 7  Power was given to Richard the Earl of Warwick, Thomas Earl of Salisbury, Henry Fitzhugh, Chamberlain, Walter Hunderford, steward  and others to treat for the surrender of Rouen. 

On January 7 " Same for George Dacques,John la Maiguen,John Lenfant, Loveyset Poupart and William Perssen coming to the  Abbey of St. Katherine near Rouen.

January 11 before Rouen "Safe conducts were given to John Lenfant and Lovyset Pourpart coming to Candebec from the Abbey of St. Katherine near Rouen". On January 17  there was an extension of the same safe conduct as well.

On January  23 there was a "Safe conduct given to William Lenfant coming to Rouen with provisions"

On September 27 at Gisors "John Lenfant, Peter Baygnart,John Brianenie,John Oysnel,Robert le Desmaude" and same to Robert de la Haie ,Oliver de Pierrepoint,William Osbert and William Lenfant.

John apparently was in on important negotiations and for sure spoke Norman French as most members of the nobility did at that time.

It also seems pretty clear to me that this is the family of John son of John and John son of Walter who were immersed in the property dispute in Ardscoll September 8, 1374. The inclusion of William Lenfant in these safe conducts and to-ing and  fro-ing in Rouen and Gisors indicates to me that there were numerous members of this family at that time. Perhaps one Walter Lenfant died without issue but clearly not all of them as evidenced by the property decision after 1374.

Also found in records for this time in Kildare are Walter Lenfent, Guy Faunt and Peter Lenfaunt who are ordered to appear with about 20 other men to restore animals taken from an O'Morthe near the town of Leys or Leix. March 12, 1372.