Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday's Obituary ~ The very mobile Virginia Fants ( Faunt & Phant )

Here is where it gets messy, Virginia Fants.. some of the best documented trees are all over the place on this guy.. His own Great Great grandson calls him Phant? Ephraim who is son of ( according to who's tree you are reading) George, Abner, Unknown and Unknown) I found him because I found THIS on Find A Grave also:
 Birth: Feb. 12, 1917
 Texas, USA
 Death: Jan. 8, 1945
 Cambridgeshire, England
 Willie S. Fant
 Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces
 368th Bomber Squadron, 306th Bomber Group, Heavy
 Entered the Service from: Arkansas
 Died: 8-Jan-45
 Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters
 When I looked his father, Robinson S. Fant had 24 (Twenty Four) !! Children with 2 wives... so there are a whole lot of folks who are not sure which Fants are them..

 Ephraim is father of a David J. Fant ( Not David Jones) who in turn is father of Robinson Samuel..
 South Carolina to Arkansas to Texas.. Anyone closely matching Bert Fant take note...

Reason I found Willie S. Fant is I have found a family spelling their name FAUNT in Georgia..
Reddin Faunt Richard Faunt Edward E. Faunt..all born c. 1800 and I also find Redin Fant living in North Carolina in 1840.. seems to be the same man..

A Richard Faunt the same age is also found in Missouri later on but in Dec. 6,1831 he marries Sarah Magan in Hall Georgia..

Edward E. Faunt marries a Mary Hill around the same time in Putnam Georgia January 1825

OK.. This is Richard..found also..
Birth: Jul. 10, 1810
South Carolina, USA
Death: May 27, 1880
Hopkins County
Texas, USA

He moved from Morgan, Alabama to Texas between 1860 & 1870.His marriage to Sarah Magen was in Gainsville, Georgia on 6th of Dec. in 1831. Sarah Magen Fant (1811 - 1890) Alfred Elijah Fant (1839 -

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cattle in Medieval Offaly and Kildare ~ The property of Alesia L'enfant

John McDermot has found in this book Irish Exchequer Payments, 1270-1376, by Connolly this: "The father of the justice Walter (not the justiciar, but working for him- the justiciar was the governor of the country, a position held from the mid-13th century by knights connected with the king’s military household; paid about £500 p.a., from which he paid others- there might be a strong connection between the justiciar of the time & Walter Lenfaunt) was John, who also had a son Adam."

 So we know of the 2 Walter L'enfaunts living in Ireland at that time that one is Walter son of John and one is Walter son of Walter..for sure, both living in Kildare..
 And he says this : "If we could find some documentation regarding grants to the family in Ireland. I think it begins with the custodianship of Kildare Castle by Walter. Adam helped in this, while Walter did other duties in the king’s pay."

 and this: " Walter Lenfaunt was paid £20 p.a. as the Keeper of Kildare Castle from 1299 on. The money was paid to his brother Adam Lenfaunt that year. In 1302, Walter handed the castle over to Albert de Kenley on the king’s instructions. Though he is mentioned in relation to the castle 1300-4.

 Richard Lenfaunt was paid £10 that year.

 Walter was also paid for horses & arms used in the king’s service. This in 1282 (also in 1275-6). The King made him a gift of £33 in 1285. He also was granted lands formerly held by Henry (son of Simon) de Rocheford. This in 1301-2.

 In 1308-9, Walter was pressed into service in Richard de Burgh’s expedition to Scotland in the king’s service.

 There is a whole series of annual payments to Walter as a justice of the Justiciar’s court; from 1286-91 he was paid £180. On overage, he was paid £20 p.a. He was an itinerant justice also. He was in Co. Tipperary in 1305, in Co. Meath in 1302 [the index jumps about a bit].

 Stephen, Bishop of Waterford, justiciar, for whom Walter Lenfaunt had a tally of £19.

 William, Bishop of Emly & Walter Lenfaunt had a gift from the king of £28.

 Stephen, the justiciar, from whom William La Faunt had a tally. This in 1282. " 

 So what it may be is that John Lenfant in 1218 in Buckinghamshire is his grandfather, McDermot speculates..

 The family is in Kildare and nearby Offaly.. John says this also "1297 Offaly..40 cows of the sister of Walter Lenfaunt robbed. Robbers fled & were followed [this is a serious theft, in comparison to the last – Walter & his immediate family were the wealthiest, plainly"

 In Kildare as we discussed before is Walter son of John, Walter son of Walter, John Sr., Thomas, Adam, Alesia Lenfaunt le Gras and William.. Also Gilbert Lenfaunt the goose and chicken thief  who we hope is not a relative.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories- Christmas Gifts, Dec. 19 - the Faunt cousins

My dearly loved cousins Patty and Franny Faunt Jr., my sister Carol and I..  At their house on Ives Avenue in Carneys Point , NJ. A wonderful street full of many other Irish American families who had bought their first houses on the GI Bill. Our Grandfather Edward Faunt, first generation American, did not own a home until all four of his children purchased theirs.

The Christmas gifts that we are displaying are either what our cousins had given to us, which would be very polite, or more likely our favorite gift. I think it was a mix because Cousin Franny had his hat on when we got there..with that same blissful look on his face.

We Irish had big Christmases, always happy. My father, however, told a story of Uncle Franny calling him up at 2 AM because he did not have the right size screws. Probably they finished the bicycle in question together, both of them quite tipsy, before morning.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fethard Tipperary and the L'enfant family

Alesia Lenfaunt (sister of Walter) now wife of Hamo leGras..Alessia's tenement at Boltrebageston was assessed 46s and 1 1/2d of which half is in arrears and now Hamo is anew distrained for that.~ Kildare 1299.

This seems pretty important and ties the L'enfants to very prominent Norman families..
Alesia Lenfant ( Sister to Walter)'s husband Hamo le Gras(Gros) was a very prominent family.." Among the Barons summoned to Parliament 30th Edward I were Anselm le Gras, Edmond le Gras and Hamo le Gras..
William le Gras(Gros) the son of Edmund by his wife Elena Birmingham granted to Edmund the Lord Butler of Ireland all his lands in Fythard ( Fethard) in the County of Tipperary ( 1302)

Sir Hamo le Gras who was killed in battle with the Scots in 1315 at Ascul was called "le Gros" "le Grosse" and "le Grace".Raymond le Gros was second son of William FitzGerald Lord of Carew ( Carew Castle) in Pembrokeshire.. Gerald Cambrenis called him the "notable and chiefest pillar in Ireland"

If Hamo leGros  and his family were in Wales at the time of Conquest, were the L'enfants far behind? A Thomas and a William are in Shropshire between 1230 and 1270.Where  and when did this family begin to scatter?We might begin with these groupings below

Kildare 1299- 1302 
In Kildare lived Alesia le Gras sister to Walter and wife to Hamo,Walter son of John,John Lenfaunt Sr.who lived or worked in the castle in Alewyne,  John son of Thomas and Adam L'enfant a Knight.Gilbert Lenffant and wife Cristina were there also but were outlawed for theft.
 Limerick 1295
 lived Ricard Lenfant Simon Lenfant
Waterford 1297
Walter son of Walter Lenfant, John son of Thomas

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sentimental Sunday ~ The nearest place that was not Ireland ~ Font Family of South Dublin ~

Some Faunt and Font families had it tough.. John Font of Dublin son of John Font married Catherine Rooney in South Dublin in 1866.
They migrate to Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland and have 8 children.. Catherine dies in 1883 and the family falls apart..  Patrick is the only one to have children in UK and some died young..
Martin Font later found as Martin Faunt apparently was a "Home Child" and was sent to Canada..he later married and had children.. The children of the family were James Michael, John, Mary Ann, Francis, Martin, Patrick and Catherine.

Their parents left Ireland probably with not too many choices. It was a hard time for so very many.
Hoping these distant cousins made a good life for themselves in Canada.