Monday, July 4, 2016

Military Monday - Barracks in Fethard Tipperary - Ireland to New Jersey - Military Men and Purple Hearts

                                         Barrack Street, Fethard Tipperary
The Military barracks in Fethard was one of the oldest in the country
It was built on the site of the original Everard Mansion House.The Barton Mansion House was acquired in 1797 and converted into a temporary military barracks, lighted by oil, and used to accommodate two troops of Cavalry. It was converted into proper military barracks in 1805. 

The Barracks occupied an extensive area on the North of the Square and was initially occupied by horse-mounted troops. The Barracks proper had a good exercise ground amounting to an area of 15 acres. 2 roods, 0 perches.

Fethard Military Barracks was at one time an outpost of Clonmel, having a Howitzer Battery of the Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery stationed in Clonmel. In latter years it was an outpost of Cahir Military Barracks being occupied by a battery of artillery of the Cahir Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

William Fant, Nailer married Margaret Hickey and had several children here on Kerry Street.He served the Army in some capacity and his sons William and Patrick Faunt and Patrick's sons joined the British Army at 18. 

William Faunt son of William the Nailer came to New Jersey with a British Army pension with wife Ellen Lynch and two sons Patrick and Will. Patrick's son George Patrick Faunt fought for the US and died  from wounds received in Italy.