Sunday, June 23, 2013

Church Record Sunday ~ Kilmallock Abbey and the Henry Burgat Chalice

Pray for the Souls of Lord John Burgat and his wife Geneta Fant" it says on the Henry Burgat chalice.
Henry Burgat had this Chalice made in 1639 so we can assume his parents are then deceased.
Henry Burgat is found further in records as being either confined as a prisoner on the Island of Botin or jail in Cork or Galway for refusing to leave Ireland in 1653.

On  a records site for St.Saviour, Kilmallock Abbey are remarkable things about Henry Burgatt's life and religious sanctity. It seems clear from this,as he predicted the Catholic King  James II  would have two sons four years before the first was born, that Henry dies sometime after 1684.He died in the house of Sir Simon Purdon, High Sheriff of Limerick who he converted to Catholicism. Henry was buried in the Franciscan abbey at Askeaton.

Henry's brother William Burgatt was appointed  Archbishop of Cashel  8 March 1669 and died in 1674.I find nothing else on either brother but a John Burgatt is a landowner in Limerick in 1643 to 1655. He married Ellen FitzGibbon who survived him in 1655. It is doubtful the chalice was dedicated to the couple if they were living so this might be a son. I would say for sure that Geneta(Genet) is deceased in 1639.

Fathers Christopher and Felix Baggatt brothers, and cousins of Henry and William Baggott also were in that Abbey at one point.

Not too many of that name are found in Irish records. I am exploring the possibility of them as Baggot after 1600  as that name was plentiful in Limerick.

I am very intrigued with Genet Ffant and her marriage which seems clear to me was an attempt to restore family fortunes. In ancient times the type of marriage was called "peaceweaving". Was Genet a Peaceweaver and how did it work for her?

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