Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Living_ DNA Faunt Carrow and my not-so native Irish

Some of my folks who are testing and have tested may like this.. From my Living_DNA test..
 As I look though where my markers( equals distant ancestors ) are in history and even pre-history is definitely telling me much of what I want to know..

Firstly I am mostly NOT Native Irish..Look at picture # 3 which is Post Norman Ireland and England..
 Yes in the Celtic immigration are vestiges of my ancestry and in the Bronze age.. but it is mostly gone by Norman Invasion..

Living_DNA says they cannot find a Norman "profile" and I can understand that.. I know my Faunts are in Shropshire in 1220 and Ireland working for the Norman Kings in 1250s as knights..They originated after the Ice Age in Sardiana per their "Y DNA( male line) then they are found in Norman France and two of them were still in Ponthieu in the 1350s as Castellans..

I see a lot of Scottish into North Ireland.. some of that I know ( Morehead/Cunningham/McCafferty)

So my Irish came from elsewhere into Ireland with the Normans and Plantations..

The entire Carrow line is Welsh..Was John Carrow from there or even Cornwall? His descendants were in many cases..

I am excited about seeing all my Welsh and those that lived in the Roman Settlements
 Enjoying this..

Friday, January 27, 2017

Fridays Faces From the Past - John Cunningham, 5th great Grandfather - Soldier? Looks like it~

My 5th great grandfather whose son Edmund Cunningham was father of Honora Cunningham who married William Fant..John Cunningham may have had a military pension and I have looked for many years to find where my Edmund Cunningham and Brigid Slattery were born-

It seems to have been in Cahir~

And my new ancestor may be Holloway ..