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In Medieval Times - Part II - Walter L'enfant

How many Walter L’enfants were in Ireland? The records are scattered here and there but there seem to be at least three or four. The Walters had children and fathers and sons with other names, of course, but let us begin here.  Some lines die out of  as you will read in the various old records. I had a Great Uncle Walter John Faunt and a New Jersey family who seems to be related to us has  three living generations of William Walter Faunts  at this time.
In  May 13, 1300 at Louth Walter Lenfant was a Justice Itinerant.Also 1302 Adam Lenfant and Walter son of John L’enfant of Kildare were mainprised at Kildare. 

The most prominent Sir Walter L’enfant was Justiciar of Ireland for the first time in 1290 and again in 1298 .

Sir Walter L'enfant was a Knight of Blackcastle County Meath  in 1374/5. Additionally it seems, this Walter or another is also linked to Tipperary. “1 Aug., 1374 at Clonmel,  and Jan., 1375 at Thurles. Fines before Walter L'Enfant, Knight, seneschal of the liberty of Tipperary. (Ormond Deed, Vol. 2, pp. 130-2).

In the Easter term of 1366 a dispute between the Prior of St. John's, Waterfordand the Prior of Athassel came before Walter L'Enfant, seneschal of Tipperary.If this entry is correct he may have been acting as deputy for Peter le Botiller (Butler) who was then seneschal. 

6 July, 1343-4. Pardon to Walter L'Enfant with a fine of £60 by the justices of
Louth. (Cal. Pat. & Close Rolls, Ire., p. 45b).

3 May, 1346. Grant to Walter L'Enfant of the custody of the castle of Catherlagh
at £20 per annum.

22 Jan., 1356. Sir Walter L'Enfant appointed justice of a gaol delivery at Cashel,Co. Tipp. (Cal. of Patents. & Close Rolls, Ire.)

26 Feb., 1358. Walter Fitzjohn L'Enfant, junior, of the Co. Kildare.  

6 Nov., 1374. Pleas of assize held at Clonmel before Walter L'Enfant, seneschal of the liberty of Tipperary. (Ormond Deed, Vol. 3, p. 388).1374/5. A Roll of escheats, fines and amercements of the liberty court of Tipperary taken before Walter de L'Enfant, seneschal of said liberty. (O.D., Vol. 6, 154). Deed produced by Walter, Earl of Ormond, before the Royal Commission to prove the maintenance of his title to the Palatine of Tipperary.

2 Nov., 1374. He was summoned to a Parliament to be held at Naas by the Archbishop of Dublin & was fined and amerced for not attending according to his writ.(Carew, Book of Howth, etc., p. 372, & Lynch: Feudal Dignitaries).1377. As seneschal of Tipperary he was again summoned to Parliament and wasfined 12 June, 1378 for non attendance. (Cal. Pat. & Close Rolls, Ire., p. 103b). 5 May, 1382. Recognisance of Walter L'Enfant in 1,000 marks undertaking to make war against O'Conogher (Offaly) of the Irish. . (Ibid., p. 118b).29 June, 1383. Witness to the quit claim of Patrick Flatterbury to the Earl of Ormond of lands near Naas. (Ormond Deed, Vol. 2, p. 191). 

26 July, 1386. Grant to Walter Reynell, custody of the lands of Walter L'Enfant, deceased, in Louth & Kildare, and to John Haddesme, of the lands of Keppok & Blackcastle,Co. Meath. (Cal. Pat. & Close Rolls, Ire., p. 127).

Walter L'Enfant who married Joan, 3rd dau. of Matilda, Lady of Carlingford, who was the daughter & heiress of David, Baron of Naas and married lastly, John le Botiller,  was undoubtedly of this family. He is said to have died without issue. (Gormanston Register, p. 147, & Knights' Fees in Wesford, etc. 

Sir Walter L'Enfant, Knt., Justice Itinerant, 1286-1310, married Elizabeth (whose 2nd husband was William de Wellesleigh, constable of Kildare), and had issue, John & Thomas, who were pardoned for trespass at Cork, 30 March, 1354, of whom John had Issue of Walter, of this memoir.

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