Sunday, March 30, 2014

Census Sunday ~ Limerick Civil Survey 1655 and the Fante family

In the Civil Survey of Limerick in 1655, Patrick Fante of Galbally was one of the Jurors charged to "return a survey of the Barony" of Costlea. The parishes thus surveyed were Galbally, Ballingarry and Larhagly, Doone and Long, Atheneasy, Kilbridy Major and other small places.

This was a record of land ownership so that the English government could carry out their policy of land distributorship.

Itemized in this area was John Burgat of Fantstowne, an Irish Proprietor. John Burgat also held land in the"Towne and Liberties of Kilmallock", specifically the Parish of St.s Peter & Paul, as did Nicholas Fante.

Also itemized under "Denomination of  Lands and thire metes and Bounds" are family names Nicholas Fante in Kilmallock, and Ellen Burgatt, Daughter in law of  Genettta Fant Burgat and Ellen FitzGibbon, widow Genetta's daughter in Coshlea.

Ellen Fitzgibbon, daughter of Genetta Fant Burgat was married to Maurice "Oge" FitzGibbon, the "White Knight" son of Maurice Fitzgibbon and Sheela Burke. His widow, she was to be transported to Connaught in 1661 but apparently never was.

In 1666, also, Fantstowne was confirmed to H. Posonby and Lord Colloony in the Acts of Settlement after having been held by J. and Ellen Burgatt in 1657.