Monday, June 3, 2013

Military Monday ~ Virginia Fants part 2

Following a close vote in Congress, President James Madison declares war on Great Britain, June 18, 1812. April 1813  after a battle of several hours, the British capture four armed American schooners off Carters Creek in the Rappahannock River. This is close to home for the Fant family.

Which events lead some men to volunteer to serve for days, weeks or months in this conflict? Does the unit they served in give any clues to their relationship or their location?

According to the Alfred Fant book, Fant Genealogy, we find a variety of  units in service.

The 45th Regiment Virginia Militia , which Alfred calls Peyton's but which is  also found as Edrington's Company  of Stafford were activated in 1814.The British were  landing at many places along the Potomoc River in the Northern Neck area.

Serving at that time were: Elias Fant, George B. Fant, Joel Fant, Lovell Fant and Richard L. Fant.
John L. Fant served as Commissary Sgt. in 1813 and Quarter Master Sgt. in 1814.

Also serving who may be connected were James Reddish and Joseph Reddish who was Company Captain, John Edrington and Thomas Jones. Samuel Heath Peyton himself was  a Lt.. Colonel.

Captain Curtis Waller was in charge of the 16th Regiment later in 1814 and Fant Genealogy
indicates that Joel and George B. Fant serve there although I cannot find documentation online.

Also no verification but Lovell and William W. Fant may have served in Renno's
36th Regiment and Richard L. Fant in Crutchfields. 

John C. Fant served in the Mississippi Militia ( Neilsons) and Thomas Fant   as a Drum Major in the 5th Kentucky.

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