Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sentimental Sunday ~ The nearest place that was not Ireland ~ Font Family of South Dublin ~

Some Faunt and Font families had it tough.. John Font of Dublin son of John Font married Catherine Rooney in South Dublin in 1866.
They migrate to Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland and have 8 children.. Catherine dies in 1883 and the family falls apart..  Patrick is the only one to have children in UK and some died young..
Martin Font later found as Martin Faunt apparently was a "Home Child" and was sent to Canada..he later married and had children.. The children of the family were James Michael, John, Mary Ann, Francis, Martin, Patrick and Catherine.

Their parents left Ireland probably with not too many choices. It was a hard time for so very many.
Hoping these distant cousins made a good life for themselves in Canada.

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