Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sentimental Sunday ~Faunt~ a One-Name Guild Study

Ten years or so ago I knew only what my Grandfather Ed Faunt told me about the family, which was that the name was Le Faunte and that they were French in origin. Grandpop was close to being correct as I have occasionally seen Le Fante but more often L'Enfant and they were at least political Normans.

What is a political Norman, you might wonder? Well we are not Nordic or Norsemen but rather Neolithically were from Southern France possibly is the Midi-Pyrenees. The DNA experts call "us" Sardinian I2a1 as Sardinia  has a "founder" population of men who carry the same mutations as our men. This indicates a post ice-age presence in that area. There are Neolithic caves further up on the Continent which have  a few matches of farmers who match our lines.

The One- Name Study though is more than that as I should begin to explore all of those who carry the surname. My goodness, what a big job! So all of us Faunt Fant Fonts from Ireland and everywhere we can locate them come under this particular study area. I have a lot to learn.

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