Thursday, December 19, 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories- Christmas Gifts, Dec. 19 - the Faunt cousins

My dearly loved cousins Patty and Franny Faunt Jr., my sister Carol and I..  At their house on Ives Avenue in Carneys Point , NJ. A wonderful street full of many other Irish American families who had bought their first houses on the GI Bill. Our Grandfather Edward Faunt, first generation American, did not own a home until all four of his children purchased theirs.

The Christmas gifts that we are displaying are either what our cousins had given to us, which would be very polite, or more likely our favorite gift. I think it was a mix because Cousin Franny had his hat on when we got there..with that same blissful look on his face.

We Irish had big Christmases, always happy. My father, however, told a story of Uncle Franny calling him up at 2 AM because he did not have the right size screws. Probably they finished the bicycle in question together, both of them quite tipsy, before morning.

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