Monday, June 10, 2019

Galbally Limerick - 5 years ago ~

 Dave Font and I checked with Bernie Cullen of the YDNA I2a group about Big Y for Faunt Fant Faunt men

"no good genealogy reason for any Font/Fant etc to do a Big Y at this moment.
Five years ago, we didn't really know if the Fonts were connected to other Irish or English families, or if they had a more recent connection to families from continental Europe. Now that other families have done Big Ys and SNP testing, we can say that the Fonts aren't connected to any known Irish or British families.

There are many PF4189+ PF4190- families from England and Scotland, and they belong to several different branches below I-PF4189, and we can say that these families have been in Britain for 2,000 or 3,000 years or longer. This is something we discovered only from Big Ys.

But the Fonts are PF4189+ PF4190+ and we can say that there are no other likely British or Irish families in this group, instead  PF4189+ PF4190+ includes a large portion of the men in Sardinia, and it includes a few men from places like Germany and France.

If a Font does a Big Y, he will learn exactly how many SNPs he shares with some anonymous men in Sardinia, and he will learn approximately when his common ancestor with these men lived."

I'm proud of how far we have come  since the first test with a Faunt and a Fant in 2005.

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