Wednesday, July 25, 2018

John McDermot has found in this book Irish Exchequer Payments, 1270-1376, by Connolly this: "The father of the justice Walter (not the justiciar, but working for him- the justiciar was the governor of the country, a position held from the mid-13th century by knights connected with the king’s military household; paid about £500 p.a., from which he paid others- there might be a strong connection between the justiciar of the time & Walter Lenfaunt) was John, who also had a son Adam."

So we know of the 2 Walter L'enfaunts living in Ireland at that time that one is Walter son of John and one is Walter son of Walter..for sure, both living in Kildare..
And he says this : "If we could find some documentation regarding grants to the family in Ireland. I think it begins with the custodianship of Kildare Castle by Walter. Adam helped in this, while Walter did other duties in the king’s pay."

and this: " Walter Lenfaunt was paid £20 p.a. as the Keeper of Kildare Castle from 1299 on. The money was paid to his brother Adam Lenfaunt that year. In 1302, Walter handed the castle over to Albert de Kenley on the king’s instructions. Though he is mentioned in relation to the castle 1300-4.

Richard Lenfaunt was paid £10 that year.

Walter was also paid for horses & arms used in the king’s service. This in 1282 (also in 1275-6). The King made him a gift of £33 in 1285. He also was granted lands formerly held by Henry (son of Simon) de Rocheford. This in 1301-2.

In 1308-9, Walter was pressed into service in Richard de Burgh’s expedition to Scotland in the king’s service.

There is a whole series of annual payments to Walter as a justice of the Justiciar’s court; from 1286-91 he was paid £180. On overage, he was paid £20 p.a. He was an itinerant justice also. He was in Co. Tipperary in 1305, in Co. Meath in 1302 [the index jumps about a bit].

Stephen, Bishop of Waterford, justiciar, for whom Walter Lenfaunt had a tally of £19.

William, Bishop of Emly & Walter Lenfaunt had a gift from the king of £28.

Stephen, the justiciar, from whom William La Faunt had a tally. This in 1282. "

I can see that those things are in this book but cannot search it..

James Fant will like that Walter indeed went to Scotland..

So what it may be is that John Lenfant in 1218 in Buckinghamshire is his grandfather, McDermot speculates..

The family is in Kildare and nearby Offaly.. John says this also "1297 Offaly..40 cows of the sister of Walter Lenfaunt robbed. Robbers fled & were followed [this is a serious theft, in comparison to the last – Walter & his immediate family were the wealthiest, plainly"

In Kildare as we discussed before is Walter son of John, Walter son of Walter, John Sr., Thomas, Adam, Alesia Lenfaunt le Gras and William.. Also Gilbert Lenfaunt the goose and chicken thief who we hope is a very distant relative..

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