Sunday, August 11, 2013

Census Sunday ~ Discovering Louisa Faunt

 I found Louisa Faunt in the 1900 census,some years ago and puzzled at who she might be, thinking I suppose that I knew everything about the family. I did  have the living children documented, or so I thought. So who was this Louisa living in Beverly with a daughter Helen , aged 2 months,named, surely after her mother Ellen?
My Great Grandfather Patrick in his last relationship before his death also has a daughter Helen. Was this Louisa possibly a cousin? I put Louisa in with the " mystery Faunts" like Michael who has a son Walter John die of cholera infantum in 1901 and "our " Michael died unmarried in 1911.

My second clue was the 1885 New Jersey census which showed William, Ellen, William and Nellie as family #81 page 13 in Beverly. Jane( Jennie), Mikle ( Michael), Louisa and Edwin (infant Edward who does not live out the year) are found on page 14 presumably also family #81. My Patrick called "Patsy" here and Mary his wife are called family #113 on page 18 of  the census, which is not viewable.

Shortly after this I found her birth which confirmed that Louisa Fauntt was born 27 Jul 1880 to William Fauntt and mother surnamed Lynch who was born in Ireland.

The 1900 census ( aren't they wonderful!) shows John W. Farley who Louisa marries living in the next house or apartment. That he was Helen's father is sort of confirmed by a newspaper account which shows Clara Farley getting into an argument with our Louisa around this same time.

Beverly NJ was quite the place! Love my Great Aunt Louisa, who I never met and her family, which I now have. A letter I cherish from my Grandmother Retta Swanson Faunt, written before her early death, mentions "Louisie" so  I like to think Patrick and she were close.

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