Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday ~ Inscriptions on the Kilmallock Chalices and Family

 In St. Saviour's Church Limerick is the second of the Henry Burgatt chalices and on that chalice are three inscriptions in Latin. When they are translated and considered in context they seem to illustrate more of the family of  Geneta Fant and John Burgate.

The first inscription  reads "Dom. Callaghanus O'Callaghan et Juana Butler vxor ejus fieri fecerant pro conventu Killocensi: ord. " which may read loosely  " Donated by Callaghan O'Callaghan and his wife Juana Butler of  Killocensi.

Second Inscription is " Henrico Burgatt. Orate pro Mauritio Gibbon, filio Comitis Albi. Requiescat in pace. 1639 "  and probably reads and means " Henry Burgate. Pray for Maurice Gibbon, son of the Earl of white (FitzGibbon the  White Knight)  Rest in peace. 1639.


Third Inscription is Thos. Burgat  and under it is Joana Butler.
It is  possible that Henry Burgate is praying for his brother-in-law Maurice Gibbon who was son of Gibbon FitzGibbon called the White Knight. Maurice FitzGibbon married Ellen/Helen Burgate. 

It is also possible that it refers to Joan ( Juana) Butler's son from her first marriage to Maurice Fitzgibbon. Maurice "Oge" Fitzgibbon the 12th White Knight who died May 30,  1611 at the age of fourteen.

Henry Burgate was the uncle of the 13th White Knight and was Prior of Kilmallock Abbey  in 1639.

I have also just found that Anne Browne of Awney was wife of  Thomas Burgatt senior. He dies in 1688 and his widow marries Foulcke Monslowe  and petitions for the lands he lived on in Ballyregan.





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