Friday, May 27, 2016

Follow Friday - Arthur Fant Physician of Tipperary, Arkansas and Texas ~

           Follow us with  DNA and figure things out..

In my DNA at AncestryDNA I apparently match some distant Fants.. Years ago, our dear departed friend Bert Fant from Arkansas told me about Arthur Fant a physician, born in Ireland and living in Arkansas and later dying in Texas.. unrelated to the Fants of "the Book" and sometimes spelling it Fort.

John McDermott and I speculated about Arthur-the- physician.. he sometimes styled his name with other spellings..
 Other Virginia Fants do that of course..My good DNA buddy Luther Franklin Fant has found matches with other lines with names like Elias spelled a different way..
 Proud of you Luke for pursuing this thing with me !

So now I find Anne Phant/Fant marrying with a John Howard, in Templemore Tipperary and having a lot of children.. TWO of her children's Baptismal sponsors were "Arthur Fant/Pfant/Forte"

I am also quite proud of my 5th cousin who was first cousin to my first little playmate on East Line Street. Yay Bill Howard and Frank J Howard.. Bill has followed me into this mess and is doing a great job of figuring it out..

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