Monday, January 6, 2014

Mystery Monday ~ Was Sir Adam L'enfant of Kildare the progenitor of the Galway line?

                                                               Athenry  Castle, Galway

Thanks for this mystery go to Luke Fant who reminded me today to look for the 14 Families of Galway while doing my research. I felt I had laid that to rest some time ago, but his reminder stirred  a memory for me, as I mentioned Adam Fonte of Galway in my response to him. Oh wow, won't my cousin Francis Faunt will be happy about this also! Yes, Fran, I know I have a tendency to dismiss theories I do not ascribe to. 
Major ancient research has indicated that the Galway lot are  "of the Kilmallock line" so there I was with that thought.

I just wrote about Adam L'enfant before Christmas when I learned he was brother to Sir Walter and son of John. How did I forget that John McDermot told me this? "Walter Lenfaunt was paid £20 p.a. as the Keeper of Kildare Castle from 1299 on. The money was paid to his brother Adam Lenfaunt that year. In 1302, Walter handed the castle over to Albert de Kenley on the king’s instructions. Though he is mentioned in relation to the castle 1300-4." I don't know, but I did. Perhaps that is why I share this information with all my close and distant cousins.

Luke and Fran, Let's  take a look at this. Maybe Patty and I will go to Galway, it's not so far from Shannon.

 Kildare Castle, County Kildare

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