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The DNA Story ~ Dave Font and Me ~ Don't Stop Believing!

Just before Christmas I discussed this on our Fant Font Faunt Facebook group regarding DNA and how I  found David Font is connected to my family. 
“We are approaching 9 years of knowing that the Fant and Faunt family were related..James Fant tested in maybe 2004 and Francis Faunt in 2005..they matched..Around 2007 or 2008 I stumbled upon David Font 's markers at the Sorenson site and realized he matched also..I tracked him down..sort of like a stalker.. 

 Dave graciously says I "found" him..He and I have worked pretty tirelessly over those years to figure out his line..He has some new evidence that may keep his line in England for a long time..the result of continuing to seek records.. He and I have several trees on Don't Stop Believing!!
Dave further has saved the first e-mails “for posterity” possibly..
 “To: davidifont  Sent: Monday, September 15, 2008 11:12 AM 
Subject: Looking for more information about Thomas Font
 “Hi David
I am also contacting you via have found that you match YDNA with 4 men ..all 4 of Irish descent.One is my cousin Francis Faunt..our Grandfather Edward was the son of an Irish immigrant Patrick. Patrick, his brother William and parents William Fant/Faunt and Wife Ellen came to NJ in 1869 from Fethard Tipperary.The other 3 men descend from a George and William Fant who are in American 1671 and 1716.We all match in DNA. Others do not.
I have many many Irish records including some Thomases.I have started a Faunt/Fant group at There is a Y DNA group at Family Tree DNA:  Please contact me  Kathleen Carrow Ingram “  

Dave answered cautiously, he said he had actually forgotten he had done the free Sorenson test : “How do you know that my ancestral Y-DNA matches your Faunt ancestors?”

 My response was: “Well 10 markers of your tests on available to look at now at both and not you than it is one of your relatives who tested.If another relative ( Father, cousin, brother) will you pass this information on?I then went to your pedigree at and e-mailed you from there..
Please e-mail me at my private e-mail as it is easier..
If that is your test, or a male relative, then we match 10 of the 10 markers with you.. By "we" I mean my male cousin Francis Faunt and 3 men who did not know each other prior to this but descend from a family that is in America since 1671-1716 at earliest. My William Fant/Faunt came from Tipperary to America ( NJ) in 1869..his son Patrick was born in Ireland..his son Edward was my Grandfather..I have many many Irish records and think you might fit into the County Wexford group..” 

So it does, indeed, look like I stalked Dave Font but he and I have done well with it all.He tested his Dad at FTDNA where I am Co-Admin for the surname group. Dave and I will cooperate on this part and he will tell what he has on his lineage. I will share what I feel sure of on the Virginia Fants also before I go into medieval records to any degree. It would be great for other lines to share  about what they know of their family.  

 As of this date we have more than 25 men who have tested who carry  the surname or whose known ancestor did. A few know they were not in our lineage being from other countries entirely. There are those who had hoped or expected to match a Faunt or Fant and did not, or the reverse. This is called in DNA terms a NPE or non paternity event. It does NOT preclude relationship to our family but that the male line was broken in some way. This could be an uncle raising a nephew as his son or a grandfather raising a grandson. Autosomal DNA or “cousin testing” now can show relationship on the other chromosomes but not as far back in time. These tests are now affordable for many due to competition between companies.

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  1. I have participated in DNA testing but really haven't followed up. I need to take a weekend and research what I have. Got get over that learning curve hill. :-)
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)