Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday ~ Sardinian DNA and the Fant Family

So, I just ordered PF4088 for one of us as we have tested F1295 negative. This means we are downstream from some others.I am trying to get my head around exactly what that means. It looks very possible that our Fant/Faunt/Font family could be downstream enough to just match  the 40% of Sardinian males who are currently living there. Wouldn't that be interesting!

In just the last year or two, Neolithic burials have been found linking our haplogroup to farmers in the  Cave of Treilles in Aveyron in Southern France.  The Treilles culture of c 3000 BC is the very last phase of the Neolithic in the region before the arrival of copper-workers and the Bell Beaker culture.

This book, Ancestral Journeys, The Peopling of Europe, was published in the fall  with a website that is constantly updated. The  author Jean Manco did a very fine job. Read down to find our P -37.2.

Also released very late in the year were the first Mesolithic Y male haplotypes which are predominantly I2 and I2* which may take our lineage back much further. Also included in  the Ancestral Journeys website as an addition.

This information from Bernie Cullen, one of our advisors from the I-L160 group : "We have had several sets of Geno 2.0 results recently, and I need to add more branches to that tree. Here is my plan for sorting out your big I-L160 group over the next year:
...try to look for people who are L160+ but F1295- and PF4088- (none are known so far). Start by testing PF4088 because by now it's clear that it is the much bigger group...eventually we will have a big batch of people who are PF4088+ but negative for CTS11338, Z105 and Z120. We will try to sort out this group with Big Y and followup testing."

As I read and reread this information I think I am understanding that these groupings are pretty distant.. way more than the 950  years that it is even possible the Fants were in the British Isles.. more than 3000 we will NOT differentiate between lines of the family with these known SNPS. Possibly  after February when the first BIG Y gets shaken out we can move a bit more.

So grateful to all these people for their expertise as we take this journey.

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