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Fethard Tipperary and the L'enfant family

Alesia Lenfaunt (sister of Walter) now wife of Hamo leGras..Alessia's tenement at Boltrebageston was assessed 46s and 1 1/2d of which half is in arrears and now Hamo is anew distrained for that.~ Kildare 1299.

This seems pretty important and ties the L'enfants to very prominent Norman families..
Alesia Lenfant ( Sister to Walter)'s husband Hamo le Gras(Gros) was a very prominent family.." Among the Barons summoned to Parliament 30th Edward I were Anselm le Gras, Edmond le Gras and Hamo le Gras..
William le Gras(Gros) the son of Edmund by his wife Elena Birmingham granted to Edmund the Lord Butler of Ireland all his lands in Fythard ( Fethard) in the County of Tipperary ( 1302)

Sir Hamo le Gras who was killed in battle with the Scots in 1315 at Ascul was called "le Gros" "le Grosse" and "le Grace".Raymond le Gros was second son of William FitzGerald Lord of Carew ( Carew Castle) in Pembrokeshire.. Gerald Cambrenis called him the "notable and chiefest pillar in Ireland"

If Hamo leGros  and his family were in Wales at the time of Conquest, were the L'enfants far behind? A Thomas and a William are in Shropshire between 1230 and 1270.Where  and when did this family begin to scatter?We might begin with these groupings below

Kildare 1299- 1302 
In Kildare lived Alesia le Gras sister to Walter and wife to Hamo,Walter son of John,John Lenfaunt Sr.who lived or worked in the castle in Alewyne,  John son of Thomas and Adam L'enfant a Knight.Gilbert Lenffant and wife Cristina were there also but were outlawed for theft.
 Limerick 1295
 lived Ricard Lenfant Simon Lenfant
Waterford 1297
Walter son of Walter Lenfant, John son of Thomas

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